When I started New Enterprises thirty years ago, it seemed a good name for a wholesale distribution company that would continue to find new items to suit the needs of my customers. I never expected to bring my own line of products to market, but it’s been an exciting experience to develop the Restore Rite™ wood restoration line, and I truly appreciate the support of the construction supply companies, lumberyards, and paint companies that have helped me introduce it to the marketplace.

The tagline for Restore-Rite™ is “The Right Way to Restore Wood,” which pretty much says it all. Let me tell you why.

StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer and StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler create a high-strength, chemical bond to the substrate of the wood, which makes dry rot repairs last longer than restoration work done with epoxies that only stick to the wood’s surface. The Sealer’s super-thin viscosity penetrates deep into the tiny crevices of damaged wood—which thicker epoxies don’t reach—to restore its strength and protect it from moisture and invasive insects. The Filler’s specially-formulated non-sag properties make it excellent not only for filling the larger cavities left by dry rot but also for using as a fairing compound to reconstruct the shape of the wood during the sanding process. Both products are moisture-insensitive so they can be used on damp surfaces, and because they cure together rapidly dry rot repair projects take less time to complete. Once the wood is restored, another coat of the Sealer makes a great adhesion-promoting primer for water-based paints or other epoxy-compatible topcoats.

Your retail customers will be happy with the results!

~ Allen Quesada, President, New Enterprises Co.