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StrongBong Epoxy Wood Filler Coaxial Cartridge 8.6 oz.

StrongBong Epoxy Wood Filler Coaxial Cartridge 8.6 oz.



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STRONGBOND EPOXY WOOD FILLER is a two-component, rapid-curing, high-strength epoxy wood filler and multi-purpose repair adhesive. Its non-sag formula fills voids left by dry-rot, restoring strength and shape to damaged wood. The Filler creates a high-strength, chemical bond to STRONGBOND EPOXY WOOD SEALER, making repairs to dry-rotted wood last longer. This product also is an excellent multi-purpose adhesive. It will bond to most surfaces, such as brick, ceramic tile, concrete, fiberglass, or stone.

  • Epoxy resin bonding for dry-rot repair. Fills voids left by dry-rot, nail holes, or missing wood
  • Rapid initial 3-hour cure time at room temperature
  • Non-sag, no-shrink formula makes it excellent for vertical and overhead applications
  • Low VOC, low odor, and solvent-free
  • Ideal for repairing wooden window frames and sills, rafter tails, exposed beams, decks, doors, floors, fences, boat hulls, and other wooden structural and decorative elements. The restored wood can be primed and painted with water-based paint or other epoxy-compatible topcoat
  • Cartridges fit into standard 10 oz. caulking guns
  • Mixing nozzle automatically mixes a precise ratio of Part A and Part B
  • Each cartridge comes with 1 mixing nozzle

*Additional nozzles available upon request.

Case quantity: 12
Part Number: RRES 8.6 OZ
KM Code: 60410

The Technical Data Sheet describes the product and provides instructions on using it.