Restore-Rite is a new line of wood restoration products from New Enterprises, a wholesale distribution company that has served lumber yards, hardware and paint stores in California for the past 30 years. After hearing many stories about customers who were unhappy with the results of wood restoration projects using available products, the need for a high-performance epoxy wood sealer-and-filler system became evident. Developed in response are StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer and StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler, products that use the best scientific process for achieving long-lasting results and that comply with recent regulatory requirements for protecting the environment.

For comprehensive product information and safety instructions, please read the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) and the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for both the Sealer and the Filler before using them.

StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer

• Its super-thin viscosity seeps deep into the cavities of dry rotted wood, infiltrating the tiny capillary-like crevices that thicker sealers don’t penetrate

Low-VOC formula contains no solvents, so not only is it safer to use, there is no time wasted waiting for solvents to off-gas

• The Sealer does not need to fully cure before applying the Filler; once the Sealer is tacky, Filler can be applied over it and the two will cure together

Low-odor makes it more pleasant to use

• It also is an excellent adhesion-promoting primer for epoxy-compatible topcoats and water-based paints, on both repaired and new wood.

StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler

• Trowel-grade, non-sag, no-shrink consistency makes it perfect for overhead/vertical repairs

Easy to mix, either using the nozzle that comes with a cartridge (which automatically mixes Parts A & B in precise ratio) or when mixing in bulk with a low-speed drill and paddle mixer

• Cures on damp surfaces, even underwater

Rapid cure time; filled surfaces are usually ready to sand in as little as 3 hours, reducing the time to complete repair projects

• The Filler also can be used as a fairing compound to fill air bubbles and voids that may occur while sanding the repaired wood

• It also is a super multi-purpose adhesive for other surfaces, such as fiberglass, tile, stone, etc.

Both professional and do-it-yourself customers will welcome the availability of StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer and StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler in easy-to-use coaxial cartridges. Each cartridge comes with a nozzle, that automatically mixes a precise ratio of Part A and Part B, and fits into a standard 10 oz. caulking gun for flow-control installation. Bulk-mix kits also are available. Both products are only sold in case quantities to qualified dealers.

Product Features


Because both the Sealer and Filler can be used in damp environments, you can do dry rot repairs all year long. The non-sag Filler can even be used underwater.

High-Strength Chemical Bond

A chemical bond makes your repairs last longer. It is tens-of-times stronger than a mechanical bond, which is what is created by many other wood restoration products. With a mechanical bond, the applied epoxy only sticks to the surface of the wood. But a chemical bond generates shared electrons that unite the epoxy and the wood’s substrate (the surface and layers beneath it). Chemical bonding strengthens the wood, making it more resistant to dry rot.

Adhesion-Promoting Primer

The Sealer is an excellent primer for epoxy-compatible topcoats, on both repaired or new wood.

Rapid Curing

Both the Sealer and Filler cure quickly, reducing the time to complete projects. Both create a thermolytic chemical reaction that quickens the curing process by generating heat. This process allows the Sealer to become tacky in approximately one hour at room temperature. Once it is tacky, the Filler is applied over it and the two cure together. Filled surfaces can be sanded as soon as the epoxy does not stick to or clog-up your sandpaper— usually in as little as 3 hours.

When it comes to using a two part wood epoxy for marine wood filler or a wood epoxy filler, it is important to make sure the area being restored wood is properly prepared. If you have no experience doing an epoxy wood repair or using a wood restoration epoxy, it is recommended you do a test area. Wood filler epoxy is easy to use but a little experience goes a long way. Two part wood fillers have been around forever but the Restore-Rite brand is one of the easiest liquid wood fillers available. Epoxy adhesive resin has many uses and sometimes can be used as a wood fungicide. Epoxy for wood or epoxy wood putty are some of the best products for wood repair or restoring wood. You can easily repair any wood using Restore-Rite products the have the bonding strength that only a epoxy resin bonding system can have.